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  • September 20 2012
    "We are pioneers here" Euro Asia CEO Patrick Chan gives an interview for the China IPO special issue of German Going Public magazine.
  • April 16 2012 100% Depot
    Euro Asia is sitting on war chest. Editors of stock market newsletter 100%-Depot report on Euro Asia's achievements during 2011.
    The conservative business model is described as favorable starting position to take profit from the existing opportunities of the Chinese real estate market.
  • March 28 2012 Silvia Quandt Research
    Research Update - EuroAsia delivered. Analysts of SQR provide a preview on 2011, stating that Euro Asia delivered to its promises, as all major projects were either sold or developed according to plans. on non-geared developers should favour Euro Asia. Hence, SQR reiterates its "buy" recommendation, offering a good upside to their interim target price of EUR6,50 (upside 37%) and later towards our long term fair value of EUR 9.25 ( upside 93%).
  • March 02 2012 Boersen Radio Network
    Sitting on cash - Eura Asia Vice-Chairman Patrick Chan gave a radio interview at the Frankfurt real estate investors conference, discussing the latest developments of the company and the economic environment in China.
  • February 28 2012 Value Depesche
    Out of focus - The stock experts of Value Depesche comment on the expected results for 2011 and see a significant undervaluation of the share.
  • Dec 16 2011 Silvia Quandt Research
    Morning Note - focus on non-geared developers should favour Euro Asia.
    As a real restate developer that is not geared and focused in a closely defined area, analysts of SQR expect the company should be one of the beneficiaries of the expected upcoming rise in business activities.
  • 14 Oct 2011 Institutional Investment Real Estate Magazin
    Strongly growing project developer - The analysts of Institutional Investment see the province of Shandong as one of the beneficiaries of the current five year plan, which aims significantly to increase urbanization, which currently stands at 48%. This creates a strong driver for real estate development, for which Euro Asia is very well positioned to benefit from. The project density should lead to quickly growing revenues and the shares therefore have strong fundamentals and could well provide a positive surprise.
  • 16 Sept 2011 - Bloomberg Television
    Patrick Chan on Countdown - Patrick Chan, Vice Chairman of Euro Asia, talks about real-estate prices in China. He speaks from Frankfurt with Mark Barton on Bloomberg Television's Countdown in a live interview.
  • 23 Aug 2011 - Value Depesche
    Strong buy recommendation - The latest issue of Value Depesche with a strong buy recommendation of Euro Asia. Target price: 14 Euros.
  • 29 Jun 2011 - REIT-Investor
    Opportunities are left aside - According to German private bank and property market specialist Ellwanger & Geiger, the best opportunities for real estate investors currently exist in Asia. In their special issue on the far eastern market, they offer an overview of the actual situation with focus on China; analyzing the differences between investments in the different locations â from mega-cities like Shanghai to regional urbanization runner-ups.
  • 07 May 2011 - Euro am Sonntag
    Euro Asia benefits from building boom - The German financial Sunday newspaper publishes new earnings estimates for Euro Asia and expects the P/E ratio to rise from the current 2 to a double-digit number.
  • 05 May 2011 - Platow Emerging Markets
    Will there come a capital increase in 2011? - The German financial newsletter speculates about measures to increase the free float of Euro Asia in order to qualify for senior stock market segments, and recommends to buy the share.
  • 03 May 2011 - Value Depesche
    A real estate bargain - The analysts of German investors' bulletin Value Depesche expect a sharp rise in Euro Asia's earnings for the years 2011 and 2012
  • 08 Apr 2011 - Tenbagger
    The run to the second and third tier cities has started - Tenbagger describes how Euro Asia benefits from the trend of Chinese developers now moving inland to second and third-tier cities
  • 22 Mar 2011 - Value Depesche
    Again at bargain level - Analysts of Value Depesche publish new EPS estimates for 2011 and 2012
  • 24 Feb 2011 - Platow Emerging Markets
    Chinese Real Estate Stocks - Platow puts a light on the regional differences of Chinese real estate markets and the chances of developers in second and third-tier cities
  • 09 Feb 2011 - Bloomberg
    Chinese Developers Move Inland - Bloomberg reports that more Chinese homes are built in cities away from the financial hub of Shanghai and the capital Beijing
  • 31 Jan 2011 - 100% Depot
    Euro Asia: Money-Printing Machine Starts Running - 100% Depot describes Euro Asia as a company with a low-risk and high-potential business model
  • 18 Jan 2011 - Performaxx Anlegerbrief
    Euro Asia: A gem, finally discovered - Performaxx recommends that shareholders remain invested, even after the sharp rise of the share price
  • 12 Jan 2011 - Value Depesche
    There are more chances inside - Value Depesche expects higher profits and a share price increase to double-digits
  • 31 Dec 2010 - Euro am Sonntag
    Euro Asia: Developing into New Dimensons - The real estate development company Euro Asia has a strong business model with great upside potential
  • 15 Dec 2010 - Institutional Investment Real Estate Magazin
    Euro Asia Accelerates Pace - Institutional Investment Real Estate Magazin reports about Euro Asia's German Hotel sale and its upcoming projects
  • 14 Dec 2010 - Deutsches Anlegerfernsehen
    Return on Investment of 35% - Webcast Interview with Patrick Chan about the Euro Asia IPO and the future plans of the company (English)
  • 12 Dec 2010 - Euro am Sonntag
    Good news about Euro Asia - Euro am Sonntag reports about new projectS for Euro Asia in Kuiwen and profit expectations
  • 12 Dec 2010 - Outperformer Börsenbrief
    Buy recommendation for Euro Asia - Outperformer Börsenbrief reports positively about the Euro Asia share
  • 09 Dec 2010 - Börse Online
    Euro Asia fills cash box - Börse Online reports about Euro Asia's hotel sale and two new projects
  • 05 Dec 2010 - Euro am Sonntag
    Euro Asia: First signs of success - Euro am Sonntag reports about Euro Asia's hotel sale and the Agricultural Machinery Marketing Centre project
  • 30 Jun 2010 - Going Public Magazin
    Euro Asia: Solid start - Going Public Magazin reports on Euro Asia IPO
  • 31 May 2010 - Turnaround Brief
    Euro Asia opens a new market segment for investors - Euro Asia shares provide higher-than-average opportunities. The company is debt-free and provides upside potential through its solid financial statements.
  • 26 May 2010 - Going Public Online
    Going Public Online First day of trading for Euro Asia â Share price at Euro 5.50 - Going Public Online reports on Euro Asia IPO
  • 25 May 2010 - Institutional Investment Real Estate Magazin
    Euro Asia shares can be subscribed until May 25th - Positive impression of the company: Euro Asia is free of debt, has a competent management team and is an attractive investment
  • 25 May 2010 - Performaxx Anlegerbrief
    Subscribe Euro Asia - Performaxx Anlegerbrief recommends to subscribe to Euro Asia shares and suggests a real value of Euro 10 per share.
  • 25 May 2010 - Going Public Online
    Focus on Euro Asia IPO - The German financial magazine reports about the upcoming IPO
  • 21 May 2010 - Investment Magazin
    Euro Asia starts bookbuilding - Investment Magazin reports on the IPO details
  • 20 May 2010 - Dow Jones
    Euro Asia's first day of trading will be May 26 - Dow Jones newsletter reports on Euro Asia's IPO
  • 19 May 2010 - Platow Brief
    Euro Asia takes the plunge - Reputable German magazine reports on the IPO and considers Euro Asia as an attractive investment

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