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There are several key factors which the Euro Asia Group believes to be essential to The Company's future growth. First and foremost, Euro Asia Group benefits significantly from cooperation with its joint venture partner, SNI, in the Weifang region. In The Company's view, SNI is currently the leading property developer in Weifang. Euro Asia Group believes it will quickly take over this leading position.

Euro Asia Group will be able to rapidly acquire a large array of new property projects from its joint venture partner. Euro Asia Group estimates that this large land portfolio available for development—to be transferred by SNI—will be sufficient for The Company's development needs for the next five-to-ten years.

Euro Asia Group can capitalise on its joint venture partner's strong brand recognition, and the good reputation of its chairman. Both SNI and its chairman, Mr. Xiyi Sun, have been active in the local real estate development market for more than ten years.

When sourcing new property projects, Euro Asia Group benefits significantly from the established relationship between its joint venture partner and the local authorities. SNI and its chairman have worked with the Weifang government and the local authorities for the last ten years.

In addition to its high-end commercial projects, Euro Asia Group will also engage in the development of mid-to-high-end residential properties. Such a dual-focused business model helps to mitigate Euro Asia Group's exposure to potential cyclical and government-policy risks.

Euro Asia Group's business activity is focused on the local real estate market in the Weifang region. Weifang is, according to The Company's asessment, a "third-tier" city. There are no large foreign-invested property developers with significant capital reserves in Weifang. Consequently, Euro Asia Group enjoys a less competitive environment than that of first or second-tier Chinese cities. At the same time, Weifang is comparable in size to many second-tier cities, and is located in the fast-growing central coastal region of China. In The Company's view, this makes Weifang an attractive—albeit underrated—location.

Euro Asia Group developments focus on high-quality projects located at unique and strategically-placed sites. Euro Asia Group believes that its commitment to choosing outstanding sites and creating high-quality real estate will contribute to customer satisfaction, and allow it to establish an excellent reputation in the local market.

Euro Asia Group enjoys the services of an experienced management team and long-serving personnel, led by its chairman, Mr. Xiyi Sun, and its CEO, Mr. Patrick Pak Ling ("P.L.") Chan. The people working for Euro Asia Group have a tested and proven experience with the real estate development business in general, and with The Group's specific job requirements in particular.

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